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The Revenge Series-Book 3

​Everything seemed to be better. The threats had passed and they had finally found a new normal. They were ready to start their lives without any worries. First their dream crashed, then Harley’s dreams crumbled. They knew they’d make it through, but Piper still had that bad feeling. The same feeling she’d had when Colt had first started all the horrible rumors. That same feeling she’d had through every issue she’d gone through. Something wasn’t right.

Jamie knew that holding back the truth from Piper would bite him in the backside, but he couldn’t let her hear what was really happening. All of that time that they thought they were finally free was a ruse. There was a threat that Piper had no idea about, and one that would cause more harm than good. All he knew was that he needed Piper even if he had to lie to her.

The test to see what relationships were shatterproof and which weren’t…….

"I think I'm officially hooked. These are the kinds of books I always wanted to read and could never find. Kudos!"

"The Fantasy Series is my favorite, well, they all are. Addicted from page one!"

"Love History Repeating.  The romance, the drama and the country love works!"

"It’s been a long time since I was a single girl, and seeing what these ladies lived through empowered me."

"I keep falling for each and every character she writes.  First Patsy and now Cara."

"Completely addicted to the Choices series. Can't wait to read the new ones."

"The Fantasy Series had me hooked from the first book. Finally I get to find out how the love story ends. You love and hate the characters but now you got me addicted!"

"I'm officially hooked. Read shooting stars and got every book she's ever written. Wow is all I have to say!"

"Totally not my usual read, but oh my goodness. I officially love this author! I can't get enough of the REVENGE SERIES!!
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