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The following is a list of my books available to purchase. So many to choose from, but all with amazing stories.


Creating Forever - Book 2 of the Charleston Series

When she walked into his life then, he wasn’t prepared for the storm that was about to ensue. Now, she was back, but what had she brought with her? Had she changed her mind on being with Cam and just came for a goodbye?

Jaxon had paced that porch for what felt like forever and now, the only question he had was if she was there for him,,,for there forever….or if she was there to say goodbye in person. He hoped that forever was on her mind. 

Mia had gone through a whirlwind and all she wanted now was to be in his arms and never let go…but had he given in and given Shelly another chance while she was gone?

Forever is a long time, and a long road to walk down together. Would they make it or would they walk separate paths?

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Creating Love - Charleston Series Book 1

Mia was the big country songwriter and had been for years until writer's block got the best of her. Even when she tried writing in a new locale she was still stuck. She opted for a change of scenery, heading to the closest location she could find only to end up meeting the most annoying man ever. Music was hard to come by, but at least she had a beautiful view

Jaxon had 3 months left to try and write an entire manuscript for his publisher. That would've normally taken so much longer, but he'd been fighting some writer's block of his own. When he saw Mia, he hoped she'd be enough to distract him into writing the next big American classic romance novel. 

When writer's block hits, you need a muse, a view and a little romance to get you to Create Love

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Love at the Line

Football season - the time of year that every football fan loves and looks forward to. No matter who your team is, everyone either loves or hates the QB. CC Heart loved the team, the QB and football in general, but had been a fan of the Atlanta Firestorm for years. When she had the chance to meet that QB face to face, she was beyond excited. 

When Chase Cooper became the QB, he was all football and had put his life on hold. No girlfriends, no dates, no pointless stuff to distract him. He had his family and everything else he'd want. He was determined not to date unless the woman was really worthy. 

Would a country star and a star QB work? Would their insane schedules ever click? When you find love at the 50-yard line, does it last past Super Bowl?


The Last Shot - Book 5 of the
Men of Revenge Series

Inspired by A Star is Born, the Revenge Series from the male perspective 

When things go downhill with Piper and Jamie, neither of them are the type to give up, but seeing Piper bleeding in their new home wasn’t what he was expecting. He isn’t about to let a bullet get in the way of the one thing that he wants more than anything. 

All she wanted was to try again. She wanted the stalker to back away and speak their mind. She wanted the do over wedding, the fairytale life and everything that went with it. She knew that the only way to make all of it happen was to finally put an end to the Revenge. 

A bullet couldn’t stop them, but taking the last shot might….


The Second Shot - Book 4 of the Men of Revenge

Inspired by A Star is Born, the Revenge Series from the Male Perspective 

When Jamie started having nightmare after nightmare, he had no idea that they'd start coming true. From losing Piper to losing his mind over the constant barrage of threats, he thinks that he's strong enough to endure what could happen. He had no idea that a one night mistake would turn into all it had for him. He'd doubled and tripled security, but one bullet could change every single thing. One. When he lands in the hospital with two gunshot wounds, he assumes that something had happened to her too. No matter how many times he said her name, he couldn't make her appear. He needed her. He needed Piper.

Jackson sat on that front porch with nerves of steel. He'd had those gunshots. He'd survived them before. Why was he so dang worried now? His boss is the one that had something to lose. He wasn't going to play referee between them anymore. Not when he was given a second chance. Barely surviving his second gunshot was his warning sign. The one that said that either he makes his move, or lives a life of solitude guarding his boss and his wife.

Two shots was all it took to change everything. The second shot could be the end....


Shot to the Heart - the Men of Revenge Book 3

Inspired by A Star is Born and the Bestselling Revenge Series

Jamie and Piper thought things were finally good. The threats had passed, the drama was over and they finally had their freedom back. When Jackson approaches Jamie with yet another problem, he knows that he has to keep it from her or risk her completely snapping. 

Jackson hated hiding anything, but now he knew that his job was still not done. From a stray pile of cigarettes from the side of the road to the texts and emails late in the night, his job was far from over. 

Would Piper and Jamie survive?


Shooting Bullets - The Men of Revenge Book 2

Inspired by A star is born.

Book 2 of the Bestselling Men of Revenge Series, the Revenge Series from the men's point of view

Jackson had his hands completely full with Jamie, until he got tasked with guarding Piper. The headstrong and stubborn songstress wasn't taking anything he said seriously. Even when warnings came from Jamie, she ignored them. She didn't even know the whole story.

When Jamie proposed, he thought life would be so much easier. The fighting would stop, the fears would pass. Little did he know that everything would be even crazier when Colt's threats got worse. He couldn't protect her and either could Jackson, but it wouldn't stop either of them from trying. Even when the bullets fly, Piper was Jamie's woman. When it came to shooting bullets....


Bullet to the Fire - The Men of Revenge Book 1

Inspired by a Star is Born comes The Bestselling Revenge Series from the Men's point of view

He was single, miserable and driving everyone around him crazy. One crazy night, a woman passed him in a random bar and he had to have her. There was just something about her that was addicting, intoxicating and made her a need and want. Now all he had to do was figure out her name.

All Jackson had to do was show up to show that he was worthy of the dream job. No more paying rent, having crappy roommates or paying bills. He'd found the perfect job with the mega millionaire. Easy? No. Not when a woman was involved. Not when his job meant protecting a hard-headed woman and a control freak boss.....


Bulletproof - The Revenge Series Book 5

The final installment of the revenge series. Will she survive? Will they even manage to find a way back to each other? All the questions will be answered. Will Piper go back out on tour? Will Jamie get his forever dream?

Piper is never one to back down from a fight, but this one seems too large to fight alone. Even with Jamie’s help she still finds it difficult. The question is who will win in the end? Will Amy get her revenge? Will Casper be alive to help Amy? Who else is helping them take Piper down? Jamie refuses to give up on Piper, and Jackson refuses to be the middleman. Who will win out in the end?

With one horrible moment, his life could’ve been over. All Jamie had ever wanted was Piper. Her love, and her mind were just a bonus. All of the threats had come true. Fact was, he was still too worried to tell her. He knew where the bullet had come from, but had no idea why. All he knew was that if she was gone, he might as well jump in the casket with her.

Like one shot would ever stop her. In pain, but still standing. That’s how she saw it. Amy wasn’t about to destroy her and end her career with a stray bullet. She had more to get done, like ensuring that Amy and whoever she was working with were arrested. Pain just slows her down. Finishing the dream tour wasn’t going to stop either.

All he had ever wanted was in his grasp, and everything she’d wanted was attainable, but would it end in bloodshed? Nobody was bulletproof….

Love at the Line - Audiobook 2023

Love at the Line Audiobook

Get your hands on the brand new audiobook of Love at the Line narrated by Valerie McCable. A fantastic telling of the football romance we all dream of.

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