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The following is a list of my books available to purchase. So many to choose from, but all with amazing stories. Looking for them in ebook? They're available on Apple, Kindle, Kobo, Nook and online sellers

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Barefoot Bliss.jpeg

Barefoot Bliss - Charleston Series Book 6

The small town, billionaire, spicy, friends to lovers and second chance romance you've all asked for. Turn up the heat! It's summertime! 

Faith thinks that the danger is over. She has the man she wants, the career, the house and now a future with him, but something is still worrying her....and him. She has more to worry about when an unexpected problem arises that neither of them can fix or control. One that will change both of their lives forever. 

Ridge has already spent too much time lonely. Now, he has the woman he's always loved. There's only one thing left to do. Find out who's behind the threats. That's what he was hired for.. When he starts finding out who was behind it all, he puts the pieces together and comes up with a name. One her family isn't expecting, and one that puts them all in danger. 

When the heat of the summer meets the sizzle of romance.....


Barefoot Bodyguard - Charleston Series Book 5

The second generation spicy romance. The bestselling author of the Charleston Series.

Faith thought nothing of her life. She had the dream job in her dad s business, a house that she loved, and a summer house on the beach. When that bliss in the summer turns into mysterious photos showing up, she s stunned. The only thing she needed to do was get security, but when he showed for the interview, she was almost drooling. Ridge got to her beach house and remembered all of the time they d spent on that beach. Him chasing her in the white sand, the splashing in the ocean. What he didn t remember was the woman standing there. She wasn t the woman he remembered and dreamt of. This woman was oozing sex. Now if he could just keep his mind on business, he d be fine. When the billionaire s daughter wanted a real man as her bodyguard, her childhood friend was the only sexy man that would do.

Barefoot Billionaire.jpeg

Barefoot Billionaire - Charleston Series Book 4

From Bestselling Author Sue Langford, book 4 of the series inspired by the beautiful City of Charleston SC and Isle of Palms.
Emerson had the money, the notoriety, and even had his ring on Lily's hand. When a past flame of hers comes back to win her back, he was almost worried. He lost her once after prom. He's wasn't about to lose her again, no matter what it took.
Lily thought she'd found the man of her dreams in Emerson after so long, but she couldn't understand why Zack was so determined to break them up. Fine. He could've been jealous, but spreading that many rumours and telling her all of them on the beach? That was just uncalled for. In her mind, it was nothing that a walk on the beach alone under the stars couldn't fix. One walk on the beach had brought Emerson into her life, but would that same beach lead to someone else?.
Who knew that one meeting would become this.


White Sand Romance - The Charleston Series Book 3

Everyone loved that beach. The one that inspired authors, musicians, and even a summertime romance or two. Guys like Emerson and Zack had the money to be there.

Lily barely had money to survive until she could get a publishing deal. One fateful night, on the streets of Charleston, everything changed. She met Zack, the cocky millionaire who had an attitude to match, but something wasn’t right.

They just didn’t click. When a chance meeting put her face to face with an old friend from high school who still had a red hot flame burning for her, she almost hoped that he was the one. She could’ve lived life solo, but maybe Emerson was the one.


Creating Forever - Book 2 of the Charlston

When she walked into his life then, he wasn’t prepared for the storm that was about to ensue. Now, she was back, but what had she brought with her? Had she changed her mind on being with Cam and just came for a goodbye?

Jaxon had paced that porch for what felt like forever and now, the only question he had was if she was there for him,,,for there forever….or if she was there to say goodbye in person. He hoped that forever was on her mind. 

Mia had gone through a whirlwind and all she wanted now was to be in his arms and never let go…but had he given in and given Shelly another chance while she was gone?

Forever is a long time, and a long road to walk down together. Would they make it or would they walk separate paths?

creating Love.jpeg

Creating Love - Charleston series book 1

Mia was the big country songwriter and had been for years until writer's block got the best of her. Even when she tried writing in a new locale she was still stuck. She opted for a change of scenery, heading to the closest location she could find only to end up meeting the most annoying man ever. Music was hard to come by, but at least she had a beautiful view

Jaxon had 3 months left to try and write an entire manuscript for his publisher. That would've normally taken so much longer, but he'd been fighting some writer's block of his own. When he saw Mia, he hoped she'd be enough to distract him into writing the next big American classic romance novel. 

When writer's block hits, you need a muse, a view and a little romance to get you to Create Love


Love at the Line

Football season - the time of year that every football fan loves and looks forward to. No matter who your team is, everyone either loves or hates the QB. CC Heart loved the team, the QB and football in general, but had been a fan of the Atlanta Firestorm for years. When she had the chance to meet that QB face to face, she was beyond excited. 

When Chase Cooper became the QB, he was all football and had put his life on hold. No girlfriends, no dates, no pointless stuff to distract him. He had his family and everything else he'd want. He was determined not to date unless the woman was really worthy. 

Would a country star and a star QB work? Would their insane schedules ever click? When you find love at the 50-yard line, does it last past Super Bowl?


The Last Shot - Book 5 of the Men of Revenge Series

Inspired by A Star is Born, the Revenge Series from the male perspective 

When things go downhill with Piper and Jamie, neither of them are the type to give up, but seeing Piper bleeding in their new home wasn’t what he was expecting. He isn’t about to let a bullet get in the way of the one thing that he wants more than anything. 

All she wanted was to try again. She wanted the stalker to back away and speak their mind. She wanted the do over wedding, the fairytale life and everything that went with it. She knew that the only way to make all of it happen was to finally put an end to the Revenge.

A bullet couldn’t stop them, but taking the last shot might….


Second Shot - Book 4 of the Men of Revenge Series

Inspired by A Star is Born - Book 4 of the bestselling Men of Revenge Series

When Jamie started having nightmare after nightmare, he had no idea that they'd start coming true. From losing Piper to losing his mind over the constant barrage of threats, he thinks that he's strong enough to endure what could happen. He had no idea that a one night mistake would turn into all it had for him. He'd doubled and tripled security, but one bullet could change every single thing. One. When he lands in the hospital with two gunshot wounds, he assumes that something had happened to her too. No matter how many times he said her name, he couldn't make her appear. He needed her. He needed Piper.

Jackson sat on that front porch with nerves of steel. He'd had those gunshots. He'd survived them before. Why was he so dang worried now? His boss is the one that had something to lose. He wasn't going to play referee between them anymore. Not when he was given a second chance. Barely surviving his second gunshot was his warning sign. The one that said that either he makes his move, or lives a life of solitude guarding his boss and his wife.

Two shots was all it took to change everything. The second shot could be the end....


Shot to the Heart -
the Men of Revenge Book 3

Inspired by A Star is Born and the Bestselling Revenge Series

Jamie and Piper thought things were finally good. The threats had passed, the drama was over and they finally had their freedom back. When Jackson approaches Jamie with yet another problem, he knows that he has to keep it from her or risk her completely snapping. 

Jackson hated hiding anything, but now he knew that his job was still not done. From a stray pile of cigarettes from the side of the road to the texts and emails late in the night, his job was far from over. 

Would Piper and Jamie survive?


Shooting Bullets -
The Men of Revenge Book 2

Inspired by A star is born.

Book 2 of the Bestselling Men of Revenge Series, the Revenge Series from the men's point of view

Jackson had his hands completely full with Jamie, until he got tasked with guarding Piper. The headstrong and stubborn songstress wasn't taking anything he said seriously. Even when warnings came from Jamie, she ignored them. She didn't even know the whole story.

When Jamie proposed, he thought life would be so much easier. The fighting would stop, the fears would pass. Little did he know that everything would be even crazier when Colt's threats got worse. He couldn't protect her and either could Jackson, but it wouldn't stop either of them from trying. Even when the bullets fly, Piper was Jamie's woman. When it came to shooting bullets....


Bullet to the Fire -
The Men of Revenge Book 1

Inspired by a Star is Born comes The Bestselling Revenge Series from the Men's point of view

He was single, miserable and driving everyone around him crazy. One crazy night, a woman passed him in a random bar and he had to have her. There was just something about her that was addicting, intoxicating and made her a need and want. Now all he had to do was figure out her name.

All Jackson had to do was show up to show that he was worthy of the dream job. No more paying rent, having crappy roommates or paying bills. He'd found the perfect job with the mega millionaire. Easy? No. Not when a woman was involved. Not when his job meant protecting a hard-headed woman and a control freak boss.....


Bulletproof -
The Revenge Series Book 5

The final installment of the revenge series. Will she survive? Will they even manage to find a way back to each other? All the questions will be answered. Will Piper go back out on tour? Will Jamie get his forever dream?

Piper is never one to back down from a fight, but this one seems too large to fight alone. Even with Jamie’s help she still finds it difficult. The question is who will win in the end? Will Amy get her revenge? Will Casper be alive to help Amy? Who else is helping them take Piper down? Jamie refuses to give up on Piper, and Jackson refuses to be the middleman. Who will win out in the end?

With one horrible moment, his life could’ve been over. All Jamie had ever wanted was Piper. Her love, and her mind were just a bonus. All of the threats had come true. Fact was, he was still too worried to tell her. He knew where the bullet had come from, but had no idea why. All he knew was that if she was gone, he might as well jump in the casket with her.

Like one shot would ever stop her. In pain, but still standing. That’s how she saw it. Amy wasn’t about to destroy her and end her career with a stray bullet. She had more to get done, like ensuring that Amy and whoever she was working with were arrested. Pain just slows her down. Finishing the dream tour wasn’t going to stop either.

All he had ever wanted was in his grasp, and everything she’d wanted was attainable, but would it end in bloodshed? Nobody was bulletproof….


Unbreakable -
Book 4 of the Revenge Series

Piper had just about enough of the insanity. Her husband had been shot, his security injured and she was petrified it would only get worse. She'd just found him again. They'd just started over. Now, she may have to deal with handling the stalkers alone and without security. This isn't what she wanted. This isn't what she'd planned. 

Being with Piper was the only thing Jamie had ever wanted that badly. She was his world. He wasn't about to lose her now. No natter how bad the stalking and harassment got, he wasn't letting go. She was his world. He had so many plans for them. Plans that involved kids and a happily ever after. Maybe it was a fantasy, but it wasn't about to end so soon. No gunshot could stop him and either would two people determined to get revenge on them. 

They knew that their love made them Unbreakable, but nobody else did.....


Shatterproof -
Book 3 of the Revenge Series

Everything seemed to be better. The threats had passed and they had finally found a new normal. They were ready to start their lives without any worries. First their dream crashed, then Harley’s dreams crumbled. They knew they’d make it through, but Piper still had that bad feeling. The same feeling she’d had when Colt had first started all the horrible rumors. That same feeling she’d had through every issue she’d gone through.

Something wasn’t right. Jamie knew that holding back the truth from Piper would bite him in the backside, but he couldn’t let her hear what was really happening. All of that time that they thought they were finally free was a ruse. There was a threat that Piper had no idea about, and one that would cause more harm than good. All he knew was that he needed Piper even if he had to lie to her. 
The test to see what relationships were shatterproof and which weren’t…….


Unbroken -
Book 2 of the Revenge Series

When NO isn't enough....

She tried to say no and walk away. She tried to leave him and ignore his existence.  When Piper finally got a little happiness, Colt wouldn't let it last long. Stalking was an understatement. He'd gone too far this time. Way too far. Piper wasn't going to stand for it.

Jamie was determined to protect her, but her insistence on taking care of her own problems had him infuriated. His security could handle the problems, but only he could handle her. Would they even make it to awards season? One way or another, Colt's threats and rumors were coming to an end.


You Can't Break Me -
Book 1 of the Revenge Series

When you've made the decision to stay single and your friends decide to meddle in your love life..... 

When Piper got her recording contract, she accepted that it would mean she'd be putting her love life on the back burner while the heat built up on her career. She knew that her friends would meddle, but this was a whole new issue. One night out, that Piper had backed out on, led to the worst kind of meddling. The kind that could destroy the friendship and cause even more havoc on her career. 

Colt wasn't ashamed of what he did at all, but all Piper knew was that he was a trainer who was more persistent than most. Instead of pushing her into workouts, he was trying to make his move. He wasn't taking no for an answer even if it meant following her around the world. One way or another, she was gonna be his. She didn't need to know about his real career. 

When Jamie first laid his eyes on Piper he was hooked. He didn’t care what it would take to get her. One small problem….getting past Colt. When he realized that he was falling for her it’s like there was an explosion. Breaking her heart wasn’t an option. He had to fight for what he wanted… 

And he thought a rumour would break her…


The Mist Returns

"The nightmares are back...."When Kris and Kinsey first got together, they thought they were safe, happy and had a world of good ahead of them. Problem was, all the danger that had gone on over the past months was about to get ten times worse. Kinsey had finally got what she wanted. She had the guy, the beautiful house and even the future she'd dreamt of. When the nightmares she had started again, she was terrified. Would she make it through? Would they come true again? She knew one thing - whatever it was, she wasn't going to let it destroy them....or so she thought.Kris had kept every threat, every worry and every scare to himself for the longest time. Kinsey being scared of their future wasn't his choice. Losing every ounce of control to a crazy team of stalkers wasn't his plan either. He had no choice. His happiness had a best before date and it was getting closer and closer every day. Figuring out who was behind them all was the only thing he could do, but if Kinsey's dreams were any inclination, they were about to go through more hell than they'd ever been through. Would their love survive? Would he lose her? Would the mist destroy their lives? All the answers will be answered.....


The Long Road Home

Charlotte had spent all of her childhood in Savannah among the magnolia trees and peaches. She'd always loved it. When she was faced with yet another bad relationship, she made one vow to herself - no more messing around with anyone until she finds Mr. Right. When she came back to Savannah, much to the dismay of her best guy friend Caleb, she went right back to the girl she was before she'd left for the lights of Nashville. 

When they finished high school years ago, Grayson had figured that he'd completely lost his chance with Charlotte. The one woman he figured was his soul mate was long gone. After one wrong turn in his own life, he ended up face to face with her again. He wasn't about to take any moment for granted...until he found out that he'd be sleeping alone. He had to convince her that he was a good guy.....but how?

Caleb had been in love with Charlotte since the minute they'd met 8 years ago. She was a fledgling country music songwriter and he was working for a corporation with offices all over the world. He knew she was with someone. She had been every time he'd tried to make a move. Now, she was single and leaving town for Savannah Georgia. He had one chance to make a connection. One last moment to try and get her to change her mind. Even if it meant following her to Savannah and transferring to a new office, he was going to get his chance. If only Grayson wasn't in the way. 

What if Mr. Nice Guy is Mr. Right? It's a long road home to find out......


Into the Mist

When Kinsey moved to Savannah all those years ago, she considered herself lucky to get to write the music she loved being surrounded by the live oaks and Spanish moss. She was happy in her regular 9-5 at a local record label and hadn't planned on any changes. One wrong turn during a girl's night with her best friend Anna changed all of it. After one walk in the picturesque Forsyth Park with a guy she'd met at a local bar, she was interested, but was it worth giving up her single life?

Kris was the rich, handsome business man who'd been considered one of the wealthiest bachelors in town. He'd intentionally stayed single and was determined to stay that way until the right woman came along. Even if she did, she'd have to be one of a kind to turn his head. With one guy night out with his friends, his life was twisted and flipped upside down when he came face to face with her, but would she be able to handle him and his past?

When a recurring nightmare leads you straight into the mist........


Making Music

When Scarlett decided to leave Nashville, she already had the perfect place in mind. She wasn't about to leave her best friend Ellie behind either. She had just about given up on meeting the right guy who'd inspire the great songs that we'd all become addicted to. Then she met Calvin. He seemed too familiar to her, but why? Things were so much easier with him around. 

Calvin had been the top music producer in Nashville for years and gave it up to work from home. The one place where he had the inspiration and the house he'd always wanted. He kept hoping that somehow the single life would be over if he could just bump into that girl he'd met as a child in Savannah. Then he saw Scarlett - the one country songwriter he loved. Why did she seem so familiar? 

Making Music can do the craziest things....


Shooting Stars and Fireflies

When Faith Williams first got to Nashville Tennessee years ago, she had managed to find a way to live her dreams. She had the music career, the publishing contract and a ton of her songs recorded by the big names in country music, but one bad date changed everything. She moved away and found a new home in Savannah Georgia only to have to relive her past all over again. She thought having her best friend Sadie stay with her would give her the security she needed, but found herself entangled with an entertainment lawyer with a tendency for researching every woman he met - even if that meant digging up her past. She wanted to give in and be with someone, but would her past come back to haunt her all over again?

Owen Grant was the big entertainment lawyer that musicians hunted down. He was a no-nonsense, I'm getting my client what they want, kind of person. He had never taken no for an answer and when he met Faith, he wasn't about to start. He knew she was hiding something from the start when their first date ended in disaster. When he realized he may have really messed up, would he accept no? He'd got her a writing contract with a big country star and she had everything including his heart, but would that be enough? She wanted the moon and stars, but could he even make that happen?

When you want a love that's rare, it's like finding shooting stars and fireflies - A once in a lifetime, life-changing kind of love that makes you forget your past and only look to your future.


Restoring Faith
The Lighthouse Series

When Savannah Summers came back to Georgia, she had made one big decision - writing hit music doesn't always happen in Nashville. She was determined to prove herself right. When she got back and tried to start, she had one distraction after another. Ex boyfriends reappeared, girl nights and she figured that the worst had already come. When she bumped into an ex in her favorite park, it's like he was there waiting for the shoe to fall so he could catch her. Savannah wasn't about to let him distract her from her work. She'd lost faith in him years ago.
When Colt Marshall had ended things with Savannah years ago. it wasn't because he didn't love her. Their lives were going opposite directions and she wasn't ready for a relationship. He never forgot her for one second, and hadn't dated anyone in years. When he saw Savannah again, he decided it was fate that brought them back together. Who was he to tempt fate?

When Brady James helped Savannah with a difficult moment, he knew that he only had one chance. He had to tell her how he'd felt all those years. They'd been friends and he still wanted her so bad he could taste it. She had more faith and trust in him than anyone else. Would she even agree to just coffee? He had no idea how to change from friend to lover, but he wasn't taking no for an answer ever again. The time was right.

When you lose your faith in love, only the right guy can accept the task of Restoring Faith.


Changing Tides
The Lighthouse Series Book 2

When Aria walked away from what she had in Nashville, she almost thought she'd be single forever. She held on to best friends and band mates for support, thinking that she'd lost her only chance at love. She knew better, but she couldn't help from wondering. Was he the guy she was supposed to be with? After his disappearance, she realized that she was a lot better off with her first love - the Cockspur Island Lighthouse. What she didn't need was another relationship that inspired a ballad. She concentrated on the lighthouse instead and found the inspiration she'd been searching for.

Garrison was determined to find his way back to Aria. He'd made the mistake of turning his back on her once, but living without her wasn't easy. His feelings changed like the tides. He hoped they would last, but what would happen if she was right? Was he willing to give up his career for her? He found her again, but when the hurricane hit it was like he was washed away back into the ocean of loneliness. Maybe the tides would change, but would he ever get that chance again?

When the tides change at a lighthouse, you can lose yourself in the waves or find your way to land...It changes with the changing tides.


Safe To Shore
The Lighthouse Series Book 1

We all know the Miranda Lambert song the house that built me. We've all wanted to turn back time in our live before so we could get back to how we were before the world changed us. Sometimes you have to look for a port in the storm….or better yet a lighthouse to guide you Safe to Shore.

When Aria Holt, better known as top selling artist Georgia Hayes, first went to Nashville to get her music career going all those years ago, songwriting was easy. She had more inspiration than she knew what to do with. Over the years, she'd gone from talented musician and songwriter to recording songs that other people wrote. When she headed back to her hometown, she had no idea what would come of it. After telling her label and her band that she was taking time off to try and write the song she'd been working on for months, they all thought she was crazy, but she knew that heading back home to Tybee Island was what she needed. When she got there, she set her sights on volunteering to help restore the legendary Cockspur Island lighthouse. She hoped that her favorite landmark would give her some inspiration even if it was just a shot in the dark. When she got there, she found her inspiration in the craziest of ways. 
When Tristan Starling chose to go to Tybee Island for the summer, he figured a little fun in the sun would be just what he needed. He had time off, he had the beach house that he'd dreamt of, and he had a ton of time on his hands. He needed a tour guide, preferably a local, to show him what Tybee was all about. Instead, he ended up looking for volunteer work after realizing that the beach bunnies and the tourists weren't his type. When he found the volunteer position working on an old lighthouse, he hoped that would help him meet a great person but ended up side by side with Aria day in and day out. Was it a good thing? Probably. Would it work? Only God knows. A little harmless flirting never hurt anyone right? 
A story about how a historic lighthouse brings a couple looking for inspiration together. It's amazing what a little history and a beacon of light can do……



When Cassidy Montgomery was asked about her dreams for the future, she'd always said she wanted to write the next "Dirt Road Anthem." She wanted that feeling of hearing celebs sing her music. When she won a songwriting contest, she thought she had it made. There was only one problem - she'd be on the same label as the infamous womanizer Gunnar Houston. She figured she could grin and bear it, but she never expected what happened next. 

Jax Mitchell was one of the top country artists at that time and had a loyal female following. Nobody knew whether he was married or not, but every woman around wanted a piece of him to themselves. When he got a chance to meet Cassidy and work with her, he started falling and falling hard for the blond hair beauty. Only problem was that he had to find a way to get her to agree to one date. That was gonna be a lot harder than he thought. 

When you are face to face with a man and you don't know whether he's married or not, it's FORBIDDEN. A story of playing by the rules and breaking them.


Fantasy Promised
The Fantasy Series book 3

They're face to face with the hardest decision ever. Brad Green has the choice.....history or a future that he doesn't want to live without. He thinks he made the right decision, but what happens if the decision isn't his? He stuns every friend he's ever had with the decision he makes, but does it mean losing what he has?
Savannah made a hard decision worse. She has her own bus, her own life and a daughter to take care of. Whether she ends up being a single mom or not, she's determined to get on with her life. Finally, faced with the hardest decision ever, she's face to face with her future. A future that he promised so long ago. Question is, is the fantasy over? She's determined to be happy one way or another, even if that means letting the fantasy he promised just disappear.
Will he choose the life he's built or history? Will she forgive and forget or is the romance over. A fantasy promised will remain, but who is the promise being made to? The final chapter to a romance is nearing.


Fantasy Burned
Book 2 of the Fantasy Series

When Savannah Davies started out in Nashville she never even thought to dream she would be where she was now. A man that would do just about anything to make her happy, a career that people are jealous of and friends she could trust. With all the good, there bound to be something bad. 

When Brad Green is confronted with a choice of living in the past with a high school flame or holding on to savannah, it's not a choice he wanted to suffer through. He was face to face with a fantasy he'd had before he even met Savannah. Holding on meant either letting go of his past or his future. Would it mean burning the fantasy away? 

A story of history meets the present where a fantasy could be burned or realized.


Dirt Road Fantasy
The Fantasy Series book 1

When Savannah Davies decided to move herself and her friend Emma to Nashville, she was determined to be one of Nashville's top songwriters. One night of karaoke at her work changed everything. She was spotted by artists and record labels and ended up on one of the hottest tours around.  Nothing could stand in her way.  Her private life put on hold, she concentrated on soaking up all the inspiration that tour would give until a bad boy country singer changed it all.

Brad Green,  the hot bad boy country star, spotted her that first night.  She sang like  she'd seen the worst and survived it all.  He may have been single, but if he had his way, it wouldn't be for long.  He had his eyes set on Savannah and wasn't taking no for an answer.  His idea: Get her on the back of his bike and drive her off into the sunset.  The question was, would she even say yes?

The bad boy had everyone watching as he rode her off into a Dirt Road Fantasy.


Making Choices 
The Choices Series Book 4

When Harlee finally made that hard choice, she knew that Grace would stand by her. Through the tears and the crying and the screaming in frustration, Grace always had been there. When a friendship turned into more, Harlee wasn't sure what to do. Should she run the risk of ruining a friendship she's had for 8 years just to try out a relationship? Does she take the chance when it could mean breaking up an 8 year team?  A hard decision was an understatement but it was a choice she'd have to make.

Zack Walker had been part of Harlee's band for what felt like forever. When he saw her relationship with Jake crumbling around her, all he wanted to do was jump in and save her from it all.  After telling her that he'd spent his life waiting for her to be single, Harlee almost laughed him right out of the room. He'd had the typical rock star past full of one night stands and girlfriends who didn't mean much to him, but would she really hold all of that against him? When the right time came, he'd jumped at the chance to be with her, and wasn't about to give it up.

When Grace saw Zack and Harlee together, part of her questioned it it was right, the other part questioned what Jake would do when he found out. She had to put her feelings aside when her relationship was rekindled with Kevin, but would she be able to hide Harlee's new love from Jake? She had to hide a lot from Kevin and Jake, but she knew that there was that chance that Harlee was going to lose it all.

When you have to make the hardest choice ever, it better be what you want.  Living with the hard choices was easy if it was the right choice and the right man.


Choosing Goodbye
The Choices Series Book 3

When Harlee finished the leg of the tour, she hoped that things would be easier. She thought Jake would be used to her being on the road and would've got over the loneliness. What she didn't count on was her entire world crumbling around her. After that, she was gonna need her friends more than ever. When she found out that the worst possible thing came true, she only leaned on one man...and it wasn't Jake.  

The longer Harlee was gone, the more Jake wanted her home. What he didn't realize was that everything he'd done to get over the pain of being alone was about to backfire in his face. He fought for the future he wanted with Harlee, but was the damage too hard to fix? Mistakes from his past come back to haunt him in the worst possible way.  Did that mean he was going to end up alone for good? He had to find a way to fix things, but did that mean walking away and saying goodbye to someone he couldn't stand to be without?

Grace had seen every up and down that Harlee had been through in her life and knew one thing for sure - seeing her in pain and hurting that badly couldn't be healthy for either of them  When Harlee told her the horrible news, Grace almost collapsed with her love life turning to ashes. What was about to happen would change her life and Harlee's in one swoop. 

Leaning on friends is the best thing a woman can do, but what happens when that friendship turns into something different altogether?  The continuing story of a heartbreak go wrong and the choice of saying goodbye or toughing it out.


The Choice
Book 2 of the Choices Series

When Harlee met Jake, she knew life would be different. She had someone who loved her even with the crazy schedule and the tour stops. She'd been left with one of the biggest decisions she'd ever have to make. When she finally made it, it meant she might just lose him altogether. Schedules were always going to conflict, but she thought it would've been easier.

Jake knew being with someone who was constantly on the road meant a lot of time alone, and he expected it. What he never expected was missing her so much the minute she had left. Would he be able to stand being alone for months while she toured the country? He thought diving into a new job would help but he only missed her more.

Grace thought she had it all. She married the perfect guy and ended up having to make the hardest decision she'd ever made. Watching Jake and Harlee was enough to make her see what she wanted, but would the choice she made ruin any chance at being happy?

Mistakes are made, lessons learned and heartache suffered, but would the choice they made get them through it all? A story of love on the road to happiness.


Choose Me
The Choices Series Book 1

When Harlee Brooks became a big country music star, she knew that a lot would change. Her personal life would be public and every move would be watched. The only thing she didn't count on was not being able to date anyone without the press and the paparazzi in her face. She opted to make a huge change. She hoped the move to a tiny town in Georgia would give her the freedom she'd lost, but instead she's confronted with the same old guys. Just when she was about to give up, a man is put in her path that makes her re-think everything. Only one problem....he's a doctor.

Jake Thompson was handsome, tall, buff and everything else a woman could want. He'd been single for so long he forgot what dating was even like. He wasn't about to give up the single life for just any woman. She had to be pretty special. When Harlee showed up at his hospital that day, he didn't waste a single moment. She was gonna be his next girlfriend. He would bypass whatever he had to for just one date....that is until he learned why she was single.

A choice had to be made whether their lives went on apart or together. A choice they both had to make. The choice was harder than either of them would ever realize.

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